Linkedin: offerte indiane

Recentemente ho ricevuto questo messaggio sulla posta del mio account Linkedin:

Date: 1/22/2010
Subject: can we connect through Skype
Hi There,

I was going through your profile, am I right in saying that you are into programming services and might confront with some iPhone or Web Dev. Programming Work. Well, I Own ( into web/graphics/SEO) and our Partners YYY, ( A highly competent team from India’s best technology institutes with published iPhone apps & multiple mobile applications for other operating systems ).

We wanted to touch base with you , to figure out if we could be of any assistance to you. Our resources could do a good job at probably half the price you are paying now.

Some links in you could review


You could download our Corporate Presentation

Presentation at the link .

You could also review iPhone and other documents here. This is a new concept in the pipeline which we intend to launch very soon.

I am available on skype as xxxxxx, Let me know if we can connect.

Please accept my sincere Apologies if this came across as spam to you.

COO at xxxxxx

In questo caso dobbiamo parlare di spam o di reale problema per tutti noi che lavoriamo nell’IT?

ps: nome del CEO, nome della società e siti web vari sono stati omessi (come anche i link).

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